Sunday, December 21, 2008

White tuft has natural skills in building and creating

So the polls are closed. Thanks to everyone who came out and voted. Heres your results.

Street Smokes has?

the worst breath WINNER!
19 (61%)

rippy gitchies
3 (9%)

4 (12%)

jungle tits
5 (16%)

no surprise. Globalopalos.I dont remember what the fuck went down here

TJ Morand

plastic puppies vs real puppiesCHICO

I went to mums to wash gitch. Sister/Porchski aka Hitler.

Sister: "Kims new boyfriend is a paramedic, listen to this story. So there is this guy that lives on home street. All the people that live around him leave him food and drink cause he's poor or something. So the neighbours realize that they have not seen or heard from this guy in about a week. They call the cops to go into his house to make sure hes ok. The cop comes in and sees the dude hunched over in a chair and his head is bleeding and maggots are eating at the infection. The cop calls in a code black which means they found a dead body. Just as he calls it in the guy lifts his head and says "hey what ya want?" He was alive. He got hit in the head and passed out in the chair and his injury prevented him from being able to get up. He was rotting away alive. He also was eating the maggots to stay alive and going to the washroom in his chair. The paramedics came and they were throwing up. It smelt so bad. This happened in WINNIPEG and its going to be in a bunch of medical journals. Crazy huh?"

1:41am. Late sesh = sore morning.

Coffee ana Brent

Thursday, December 18, 2008



So stoked for tonight. You guys are amazing.

Love from coffee/Brent!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Street smokes vs. Coffee ana Grity

If you are experiencing some serious maturity issues with the blog its cause Streetsmokes has been noodling around on here. If you havent already watched this on cousin blog watch it now.
Fuck techdecks.

perkins showdown. from streetsmokes on Vimeo.

Time well spent.
coffee ana streetsmoke

does anyone know how to fix my pants? I have rippy pants and gitch now.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Maturity level: Low

heres a wowa from jammy. So we are on our way to moxies to grab some beers and food before skating the mini pipe last night
and jammington lays this one on the table.

"wanna hear a crazy story?"
"ok this guy's brother from Iraq told him that when hes jacking off he should stick something in the pee hole. He used like a
butter knife or something . I dunno. So the kid decides to use a long string of wax. He sticks the wax in his pee hole and
instead of it coming out it goes inside him. like into his uterus? I dunno. whatever its like inside him. He doesnt know what to do.
he figures it will probably just melt out. But hes in his room freaking out and his parents are screaming for him to come down for
dinner. So he waits a couple days and this thing ain't coming out. It didnt melt at all. Its starting to hurt now and he has blood in his
pee. So he goes to the hospital and they take a look inside him and the wax is in there but it has crystallized now and its sharp
and painful. The doctors are asking questions and the parents are screaming asking what he put in there and he doesnt wanna say
so he keeps saying he didnt do anything. So at this point now it cant come out natural and he has to get surgery to get it out.
He finally tells the story to the doctor and his parents. The parents blame the brother, i dunno man pretty crazy"
Is this a lie? Where did you read this?
"i dunno i cant remember"
Are you saying this as a story but it happened to you?
"You know my buddy Chris Horton? He has the most crazy stories. He had super glue in the freezer and he opened it and it
sprayed in his eyes. They both got glued shut for 3 days. his face was swollen as fuck. He had huge bag sack things under
his eyes cause the tears had nowhere to go. The doctors didn't know what to do. They had to cut his eyes open"


Coffee live from the dungeon.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

my homies.

TJ Morand, Jamma, Globa, Brent Jorgy, and myself. We are skating our HEARTS out. These are the best days of my life with amazing friends.

turtle pot pies. from streetsmokes on Vimeo.

all love.  

fuck the "friends" who call and text when all of a sudden you have a mini to skate for the winter. Go FUCK yourselves.

Coffeeanagrit aka Brent.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

watch meerkat manor. Now.

every night a new injury equals a new trick. im bleeding and having trouble getting outta bed yet i go back for more everyday.
street smokes melts software with breath like a carny
globinstien. Melting homosexual hearts with his good looks and free movie passes. 6 beers deep.

the best thing ive committed to learning.

coffee ana grit needs street turds to click this