Friday, August 31, 2007

Message from midget Mega Beeps....

Hello earthlings, its that time again to empty out those piggy banks and hit the mean do what you ask? TO BUY MY OLD SHIT! or just plain old give me money..I will literally sell you the clothes off my back..including the outfit below. Heck i will sell you locks of my frickin hair...This weekend is a long one, However you will NOT be going camping cause you will be visiting me & my lovely gypsy girlfriend at the garage sale on Saturday or Sunday between the hours of 9-5 on Saturday and 10-4 on Sunday. Tons of used goodies...Refer to previous Garage sale post entitled "puck you i'll gib you pitty cents"...

email me and i will send you the treasure map to my house....
mega b.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Guess its just a shade of plaid.

When this much plaid happens in one 8 hour blog it.

8 cigs.1 beer. 1 empanada. 1 diet coke. 2 coffees. 1 full day of work.
mega b.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Maps for south africans..

If you haven't already watched this I'm excited for you. Get ready to cringe


Monday, August 27, 2007

justin brought sexy back and timberland put me to sleep.

most hyped up concert of the year.

fools were psyched. rye was flowin. fun was in the air.

then we realized how shitty our seats were....

... so we snuck down to the floor.

the big screen was a cool idea in theory, but it felt like you were watching a huge music video.

i got bored so i booked back to the mox to drink with some fools...

...which was fine with me cause i like beezee's better then gigantic music videos.

the fuckin joint was stuffed...

and chan was in fine form.

kiev'r had a birthday.

in the usual moxies fashion, shit got slutty...

love. love will tear us apart... again.

my beez was stressed.

oh melinda's a bit older now too, happy coming of age you too.

half grey, half colour.

big ups to braydin for letting me get away with alcoholic murder.

pretty people doing pretty things...

after party.

this just in...

last time i pay 80 bucks for a concert...
still had a hoot tho!
till we meet again.

Tallest bitch on the Block

GoodForm line up. Now come with me on a tour of the wild kingdom...

Keep your hands in at all times and stay seated. Although they look peaceful if startled they may become aggressive.
In their natural habitat the males don't generally have sexual tendencies with each other.. The young are usually left unattended for hours.
Forcing them to hunt and gather for themselves.
most often the larger, stronger and more dominant of the herd will take the food from the young to avoid starving themselves.

only what they cannot finish is left.

Oh its Mango one of our locals. Hi Mango!
We do not endorse the improper treatment of animals.
please sign our petition on the way out ..
thanks for coming.
appreciate your business....M.B