Saturday, September 29, 2007

tell your crew to be easy, niggas runn'n round with the fake frowns, sellin on ebay.

all the old people in my building leave shit in the lobby they dont want anymore, usually its all shit, but this tme i cop'd a couple of gems!

after a charleswood sesh, we had some beers.

still nothing better then some bar i fries...

ran into bo-banday at the new yearbook night.

he commendeered my blogger for a few.

fuck, i wish i owned this.

i still stand by my feelings on live bands.

...and the sound man was doing a good chunk of the vocals.

thank god for the dj's.

if this girl wasnt so pretty i would not put up this snapshot...

the face and coffee ana grit soon to be in kahoots.

someone should serious give this dude a record deal.

keep you ear to the streets and look out for more from the yearbook committee, the face, mike b. and the nutty klub.

death from below.
till we meet again.

Hip Pooch ana Deuce

Fridays are great when you get off early enough to enjoy whats left of the nice weather we are having. Lunch with my girl at Cafe 22 seemed very appropriate.

Corydon was quiet. Our server? YUP! Budyk!!!!
Still cant beat a Big Slice. Banana peppers and pineapple.
Little Pizza+ couple of beers =
Igby showing up. Still in town from Vancouver. He rolls with a pretty heavy posse. Bram Adey from the Wreck fam and best friend and owner Andy Larkin.
We headed next door to pay a visit to Winnipeg's best doggie clothing, accessory, and treats boutique. Hip Pooch.
Crystal Bennett runs this dope shop and if you need something for your pooch shes the girl to see! 807 Corydon.
We cop'd a new bone chew toy that's indestructible and Igby is possibly going to cop a down filled vest for the winter.

I should have used the picture of crust to indicate this is over. Finished.

Friday, September 28, 2007


Why no sk8 skates video??...well its simple.

Tyler Geurts, Pat Litchfiel-Med, Jake Kuzyk, Evan Sinclair, Matt Wiebe, James Friesen, Bram Adey and Nick Serduletz......WRECK V.....Nuff said.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Casting Call!!!!!!

Thursday, September 27th @ Connect Four Clothing (In The Exchange District) .233 McDermot Ave. Time: 8pm (Have to be available October 12 in the evening)

Model Qualifications:
We are looking for Male and Female Models.No experience required. All we require is a great attitude and unique look to show off some of Winnipeg's hottest fashions.

For more information contact Vantage Studios Inc. at 204-949-1218
or email

Stay tuned for more info and check out the website.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Monday, September 24, 2007

a key part of natashas childhood.

thats ma girl.
till we meet again,

the infamous gardersnake common intrest lifestyle blog.

i got up early enough and made it out with the saturday breakfast crew...

this isnt fuckin qubec, speak english god damnit... fuck st. boniface.

sugar high.

been a bit of this lately.

bummer buddy.

chocolate now takes requests...

and big daws still pretends to DJ.

finally went out with the new moxies crew.

some new.

and some old.

your not drinking unless your drinking three.

"sooo, who are you touching dicks with these days?" - anna.

nothing quite like some underaged girls.

anyone remember the drunk girl in the ambulence inncident? ...suspect.

blast from the past, meet jamie.

lotta of fools getting married soon... including these too.

caught wind of some sketchy doings.

best part of the night.

social fun, only in manitoba.
till we meet again.
v-tang clan.