Thursday, June 28, 2007

G.T.B's D.F.L...

a continuation to brents last post...

1 down 5 to go...

daryl was scared and threatened tears...

fyfe makes serious art...

he made it!

2 down 3 to go....

jeddo got re-booked, a bummer...

the pain is momemtary.

makin the lettuce.

3 down 3 to go....

sorry mom. dont worry its hidden.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder" but fuck it sucks..

Chelsea's gone for a month..insert sad face..but before she left she attended her sisters high school graduation. Congrats!!!

Bonus for me cause Chels grandmother makes insane lasagna

So to take my mind off things i decided to chill on the patio at The Red Cactus. Freya joined.

Kevs in town. Drinking all day on the same patio can become boring over the course of the day so he moved locations and joined us. Note the phone, checks the blog daily!
Cant booze on an empty tank.

Cactus Special of the day: Fish n' Chips $6.99

Myself and Paul both rock the vanilla ice
Matt's still bummed on his girl sitch, lucky Freya is a expert in consoling these kinds of troubles. her method. The back rub..
Actually Freya can multi task and consoled us both at the same time.
Just serve it in a bowl like normal restaurants
Oh i forgot to post this...last weekend someone left this present for us in the washroom at the store. Thanks.
The hardest decision. Which teqito looks the newest.
2 beef 2 buffalo chicken
plays music and shoots lasers out of his eyes.
You might not recognize Mcgee without the heat naked mongoloid giving him lap dance while he puts her nips in his mouth.
At the age of 17 i snuck into matts room and lined his boy briefs out across his bed. Blue White Blue White Blue White...ect..i never imagined one person could own so many pairs of actual gitch. Matt denied he ever saw and claimed his dad must have cleaned them up.
Colin has trouble with zippers. fact.
Still trying to bring the Tuesday party to the cactus. We had a 5 person mass text party to see if we could get it pop'n. A good turnout but i got a little to wasted. The Houdini was used.
"your not gonna put our picture up and call us douche bags are you?"
enjoys the special.
Josh uses the washroom at work and various other places not to relieve himself but to hide while he texts.
go use the washroom. take josh with you.
Jesus probably hates that shirt. James loves it
Left out.
Left leg.
left inner arm.
Left arm.
right below the elbow.
Right inner arm.
Bromance for life.

hugs and kisses. mega b.