Sunday, November 30, 2008

mini juice boxes and cigs

logging serious hours skating mini ramp this winter.....

....hurts like a mother fucker.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

What does cum taste like....i know you know

So colin is having another party. This is the poster he has for it.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Streets connecting and bringing back 95'

so Keewatin st. and Adsum st. now connect. That's major if your looking to avoid taking the long way from meadows to maples. I drove it a couple times and it mos def saves you time.

stop. check this out. Stones Throw is rad and Peanut Butter Wolf knows whats up.

and he's got a full length coming out. Mayer Hawthorne and the County.

check the bside


Happy Birthday to Marky B at the Norwood for $10 ribs and 2.90 beers.

Here's what is up at the Norwood. You eat ribs. Drink cost efficient beers. FREE POP CORN. Watch Titties DEVOUR many bowls.

We were both drunk and he pushed me out of a chair and tried to fight me. Karma cause i was bringing back the smoking indoors thing and it didn't go well/i thought if you were on or in a stage setting you were allowed to smoke. Like real life performers/artists. nope.

only $10
Tyler's version of my united states of whatever was amazing. and i am the real nacho lover.

how would you like a fucking round house to your neck at 50mph? Got faded and made a scene in little pizza heaven about the lack of debit after 1am. It did end up with 2 free slices but i didn't deserve them.

brutal. Guilty all day Sunday.

season 5 of lost new footage.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Monday Movie Club & The Tuesday Review

This would be our fourth installment of movie club.
Movie: Quantum of Solace
This Weeks Pic: Adam (but really more of a group decision)

Review: Well i realized that my eyes can process all the chase scenes in cars, boats and airplanes. They ramtangled so many fast cut shots together that my head kinda hurt.

Highlights: Good intro and solid theme music, a wooden boat, a cute red head that gets killed in oil, free butter on my popcorn(layered), no one sitting in front or behind me.

The Verdict
Fernandez: in the middle
A.Hoser: in the middle

Guest reviewers this week: Uncle Fraz and Aunt Ball & Chain
One down and one in the middle

CoffeeanaGrit: I'm in the middle on this one. Worth seeing in the theater if you are into Bond Flicks. No gadgets tho, that kinda bummed me out.

Jed and Becca were there with a crew and they all liked it, actually they were all thumbs up. Becca claimed she would watch a 2 hour movie of Bond hopping over things. So i guess its a hit?
Previous Movies:
1. Body of Lies. Soooooo good
2. Religulous. Hilarious
3. whoever and whatever make a porno. worth a laugh

After drink location: G martini Bar. Yikes bad idea.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Marky B vs SK8

and Sk8 will have a new video soooon.

and a bunch of out of shapes are gonna have warehouse space.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I remember it was Monday.

at 3am if you answer a phone call from VERY drunk will have all of your cigs smoked and booze drank. there will be hugging, kissing, slapping, punching, crying, grinding, dislocated shoulders, bruised tailbones and you will see the MOST nipple.if different puppies came over every night i'd be beyond stoked.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

john jacob junglehimer

now that i know you can watch mobile porn on the iPhone i have been distracted. No more 30 second clips....that shits got FULL videos! Wowa!

Mr. $8 waters himself worst grilled cheese. even worse then the seafood sensation at Subway...a cup of seafood. Adam watched my shoes when i went in. By watch i mean watched them get taken away by the tide.
Turtle from Entourage was at our hotel.
Maple leafs and barb wire are my two favorite things to ramjam together.
Jungle juiced. She had a British accent before her nap.

I found a sweet outfit. When you come over you get to put it on......
check out more sweet photos from last night at
My head is pounding and i need to go wash my sheets. I figured out that my stinky sheets were making my legs stink. I've been told stinky legs are not an alibi.
good night.