Thursday, March 20, 2008

vandal will post coffee-ana-grit NO MORE.

yah thats right, i'm done with this blog site.
if you still have any interest in what the world looks 
like through my eyes then come check out 
my opinions and flicks at...

thanks to all the cats that showed support 
to this little slice, it was fun shoving my
camera in your face.
love ya,
- james

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

i want all the cool kids to come to this party so there is less chance for chongos to get in....

Do i really need to remind you cats? You know what time it is again....
This saturday, March 15th @ as always
The pyramid cabaret...
Get there early, cause we don't want anyone having to hang outside in the slushy cold
i wanna see all my friendships there
This time with special guest T-WRECKS
and the cutest Dj's in town

cant wait to see all y'all out.
remember its dougie's birthday so everyone
bring him a kiss! and what the hell
one for me too!


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

ya, i'll get that moxie sized....

sunday nights we're never more fun... 

i wish i owned this mirror...

brad's got a new set up...

guess whos in town!

dave's back on the guns...

birthday boy!

well isnt this a site to see...

hot girls making fucked up faces are still hot to me....

epic hair is the new rehab.

"haaay fraser, you wearing you blue flannel?"
"totally! wear yours too, we'll look soooo cute"

whats up new boss!?

well thats about enough from me, 
dont forget...