Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Monday, October 29, 2007

3 point coverage.

2 of hearts..2 hearts that beat as one. Suzy q download it now.
Jed's birthday at some sushi joint called Meiji.
The bro end of the table was where most of the action was.
including matching sweater arm wrestling matches
and watching Matt eat something other than chicken fingers
Darren "your flash is too bright" Pell Handsome Dave
Blunt dealer.
Polaroids of cats that were not there
assholes dressed up like annoying comic book heroslike deers in headlights.MB

Sunday, October 28, 2007

king of shops

We have had our fair share of celeb visits but things got outta hand when The King took some time out of his busy touring schedule to stop by and check out the store.

"our patties are made of pure man tit meat"....his voice haunts my sleep

part two of a one part series

Handsome Homeless Harry i met while on a smoke break. He calls me sonny boy and i haven't been able to get a photo of him yet. Luckily for you he is world famous. His DVD is releasing soon...

so glad i met him. I'm gonna try very hard to get his photo next time. MB

whatever makes you happy.

I don't know what it is about me but i attract kooks, bums, butt hunters, and freaks of all shapes and sizes. First let me introduce you to crazy still thinks hes in the war Vincent(at least i think that was his name) He talks 600 mph and here is a list of topics i think he touched on...-Hells Angels
-Mamas and the Papas
-Charlie Manson
-Susan Tate (i think he meant Sharon)
-Blowing up football fields with helicopter machine guns
-No sugar tonight by The Guess Who
-The Holy Spirit
There was so much more but i couldn't keep up. I just kept saying.."really?" He told me to stop.

2 pairs of pants 1 pair of socks. Megab.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Plastic surgery

Downtown botox
urban face lift
Kings gets a tummy tuck.
Urban Bakery.
after some serious surgery the joint looks amazing.

398 Portage AvenueWinnipeg, MB, Canada(204) 947-2664
yum. mb.

Kids and cake from the crypt

My old childhood friend Blair McDonald who i grew up with got married last weekend, he lived down the street and we took swimming lessons at Elmwood pool together. We also blasted his younger brother with green tennis balls during very intense games of street hockey.

My hand writing is printing, and its bad.
Usually kids by this point are running around all jacked up on sugar sweating covered in all sorts of grime and filth.
This pack was content just sweating to the oldies
like in break dancing when you wait your turn to jump in.
Clean and happy. Missing teeth but not causing chaos
butt hunting.
This is where things went left. The Crypt Keeper showed up....
with some sorta zombie date.
and a pack of angry mini hooligans... i did my best to fight them off..
shortly after they fell asleep under tables.
safe and sound. mb&cm