Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Those bros from No Doubt served my food at Arby's.

I don't feel like writing anything. Pool jumping and beer slugging pictures need no explanation.

Chels is back!!!!!! see you in 4-6 weeks.....

xo mega

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday Sk8 Skates Secret sale

Come down to Sk8 at the forks for a secret sale on selected items.
password: Rocco

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Do not leave the brooms and mops out on the floor...

Just in case you do live in a cave and havent seen these yet....

With love. Mega.b

Friday, July 27, 2007

Dont get all fucky on me

Marky B has strange intrests...this being one.


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cant you just look at me like a human boy!!??

today felt like Christmas then i realized its actually Kwanzaa and i got my gift From Kev over there at Supra Dist. Major thanks again hommie!!!!! XOXO

I Love new t's and ex-cons....Keep Kev in a job and me in new clothes by purchasing Lakai at all your finer skate shops.
mega love from mega b.

put on your pooks, frost those tips, pop that colla n' get ready to holla...

its export A party time!

give danger a tie, and he tries to eat it every time. god i love that boy.

everytime gordo sees my beez he asks her for naked photos of her, if i had em he'd be the first to see.

heeeeeyyyy yoooouuuusss guuuyyyyssss!!!!

when dawson was 17 i took a major bullet for him because i saw his budding alcoholic potential... hes not letting me down.

it was like wheres waldo with mcd in the japan room.

these too may or may not be bromantically linked.

penguin sex, you thoughts?

shit, its A T N?

each bar was located in a different themed room, the artic?

when in roam daws did as the romans do.


this gigantic man is married to my cousin, he used to make sure no one killed me as i ran around like a drunk lunatic at mardi gras every weekend... thanks big guy!

we do it like dem dirty souf boys do it, STOMP.

hey look its buff chochy landen.

let the chocolate guest blog begin...

i'm more of a legs and ass man, but god damn if i dont like a nice pair of bresteses'

its amazing the slutty shit girls are willing to do when theres a camera out...

paul had to trade a few different things in return for a titty show:
get his rat tail braided...

and show his balls.... for the greater good..

end game, well played sir's.

the next game was lets see how many beers we can steal and cram into these ladies purses...

back to fuck me everyday kristen k's.

depicted above: what pauls night consisted of.

you think this is a game! you think this is a fucking game!? arf arf arf
till we meet again.
james andrew lawrence vandal.