Friday, December 28, 2007

i love box.

what better way to end the holidays then a danse' party.

sweet dougie b supplied the fun...

oh shit.... barf in the house.

one of the side best things about christmas is that all of the out of town'rs come back to visit...
hi lesley!

i took a few pics of these girls... one of them realized what i was doing and ran away. 

this kids legal middle name is danger... 
toronto lovely number 1.

Fuck ya its dom!

toronto lovely number 2

dom featuring toronto lovely number 3

dougie puts on good parties, everyone continue to go to them.
ps, stoked to see all you out of town'rs, love you cats, visit more often.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Then things got all fucky.

Christmas eve, a chance to just throw up all the photos from the last month that i haven't posted. Good idea, right? Wrong. Computer crashes and wont turn back on leaving me with only an auto saved draft from the second it went down. Sooo this is what made it. My fingers are crossed that all is not lost.

dang. MB