Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Dear Lumpy Dick Bandit"

The sickness/maturity level of the person who started the text with that has reeeeeeally hit rock bottom. wow is now a WOWA. you know who you are.

Andy Larkin visits
Shows me a new place to watch karate porn. actually.globin globystien is still retarded ly handsome for a retard
Second outta town-er. Chris B Bella stayed home. Pat Lazo did this tho. Chris did this for me. tough duck baby.
wowa x 10000
please interpret
"My buckles are numb and this. Oe's are fukin redux when you have racoon fukin tits! Im fuckin jungly saucy sal!"

coffee ana "poop crater is rammy'd" .im lost.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

like when you are running to the bathroom cause you be prairie dog'n

i dont know if you are as excited as i am

i hate to bet against Koston but daaaaaaaaam!

coffee ana double grit

Sunday, January 11, 2009

im fucking you.

without a condom.

i took some photos. id like to share them with you. they are of my friends. maybe later tho. 
coffee ana beer ana coke ana cig ana smoothie ana bennidict ana water ana durex ana line ana ketchup ana forced to change what i wrote the first time ana puke while walking casually ana kickflip indoors ana fuuuucking nap