Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wreck 6/Mind Field/blogging/handsomeness/lent

its the beginning of lent today.ash are supposed to give something up for the next 40 days.something that would be a sacrifice.i tried cigs.then i ended up running to the store.actually running.

Bill a gave me a ride to the Wreck premier and weekend special was on the same journey.the asian boy in the pickup is Mark Mangalalang.Maximum Weekend.i got a ride home from a social in transconna once and i had to ride in the back like always seems like fun.i remember wishing i called my mom for a ride.
Devo:Wreck:first part.
Jack: Tree plantsBrian:Maximum Weekend: First Part
Unknown Homie: ? Russel Statts: MGD: Avec des cheveux
Bill Acheson: Lucky: Tete rasee Nick and Ken Josh "Buttermilk Titties" Birston and Tyler I called josh buttermilk titties and Russel actually had this with joke. this is the new look for 09everyones doing it. get a copy at sk8 NOW new favorite video also available at sk8all thumbs up. couldnt even pick my favorite part. if you cant read that: The OG Blog: This is giiirrraaffees blog. its pretty good. dementoid.Jeremy Gelfant got this baby at the edge on monday. it was deeeeep and oozing. matches the other hole in the other leg now. i tried to macro it but it wasnt working and i felt bad cause he was in pain. the best part was the kids still skating 2 feet from where he was laying in pain. very worth it.
coffee ana Merlin from presto pizza